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A former acolyte of Avizandyr who left the dull, oppressive church for a whirlwind life as a rock star that ended when their singing voice was stolen from them. The trauma, abuse, and lifetime of being told that they are undeserving of love left them bitter and hateful, but thanks to the party Ryybyn has relearned what it is to trust, enjoy music again, love and be loved. They’ll get their voice back and use their songs to inspire the world.

Ryybyn abhors mind-altering enchantment magic does their best to convince people to make the right choices of their own will. Ryybyn struggles with guilt and self-loathing, but it drives them to support others so that no one else has to feel the same way.

Ryybyn’s attunement to feelings and emotions is the source of their magic and allows them to sense others’ memories. The desire for freedom lead to teleportation spells, self-expression and gender identity to transmuting their body, and a love of all thing flashy lead to thunder and lightning magic. They are a capable healer, thanks to their mundane training as an acolyte and (as of Saga 7) being blessed with the Tears of Avizandyr.

Their name is pronounced like “Ruben.”

Recent Appearances