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Flynn comes too, sputtering from a potion that’s been tipped over his mouth. “Auk! FURBALLS! That ain’t no cherry flavour!”

Ryybyn and Alison are tending to Flynn and Todd, reviving them with potions.
Flynn, “Why you using those darn things anyway?”
Ryybyn fails to speak.
Flynn, telepathically, “Right! No healing magic? Ya’lls alright?”
Alison, also telepathically, “Physically, yes, but the battle is not in our favour…”

Alison continues as a masked gunman walks up behind her, spellgun drawn, “Liutbald isn’t responding via the telepathic bond, Ryybyn is unable to speak or cast, and I–”

Alison counterspells the gunman without looking. “–am running low on spell slots!”

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