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Shaimaa and Alton are ready for combat. Alton has donned a fancy coat over the generic jumpsuit.

Alison, telepathically, “It’s only Mr. Galtrow and Shaimaa! No Kolya! Can you manage a countercharm and correct the corruption of a state mage?”
Ryybyn nods and readies their guitar.

Ryybyn rocks a riff that shocks Shaimaa and Alton, but ultimately does nothing more than blow back their hat and hair.
Alton, “Was that meant to do something?”
Shaimaa, “Only for shmucks.”

Alison looks up at Ryybyn and asks telepathically, “Did that work? Is he–”
Ryybyn shakes their head vigorously, long ears flapping.
Alison, “–NOT charmed?”

Alison is filled with righteous fervour, wand raised and glasses filled with flame. She calls out to Alton, “how DARE you betray our oath to the states!”

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