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Panel 1
Kolya squats on the stage looking down at Ryybyn while covering one ear.
Kolya: “Finally tired of those little cartel sidequests? Just how much experience did you rack up with your fuck buddies anyway?”
Ryybyn stutters: “K- K-Kolya! I — I’m done with them — we c-can talk”
Kolya: “Fuck! I’m surprised you can speak at all with that chalkboard voice!”

Panel 2
Kolya rests his chin on a hang and looks smug.
Kolya: “That’s what you want, right? Your real voice? Think you’re ready to handle it?”

Panel 3
Ryybyn shakes and can’t keep eye contact with Kolya. Alison watches the masked crowd.
Ryybyn: “I wasn’t… in a good place when I left– I’m better now, I c-can– handle.. things”
Ryybyn: “We c-c-an c-catch– up, just let these people go– home”

Panel 4
Kolya stands and turns away from Ryybyn with a dismissive hand.
Kolya: “Don’t be such a total party killer! I invited all these guys, we’re not even started!”

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