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Break It 20

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It’s combat, time to speedrun calming down from a panic attack. Yikes!

And this is where I leave off for a time – Ryybyn’s state reflects my own this month with all I’ve gone through. I hate to leave in the middle of a scene and so soon after an important introduction but a break is definitely in order. The comic will resume – I don’t want to leave until Ryybyn smiles again.


Oh honey, I’m so sorry shit is piling up on you like that. I’ve loved reading this comic and Rybbyn really helped me with figuring out my own gender revelations and truth. Hopefully a good long rest is what will help you find your enjoyment in it again. And if you decide to just move on and not revisit it, there’s nothing wrong with that either. <3

Thank you so much, this campaign and comic helped me with my own gender stuff and I’m really glad it was able to help others too. I’ve had a lot of tragedy this month so the harassment was just… really hard to deal with too. But I don’t want to lose these characters, I love them so much. I will need time to heal.

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