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Alton attempts to cast Banishment but Alison effortlessly counterspells it.

Alton reels while Shaimaa steps up and casts Fungal Growth, telling Alton, “don’t be a baby.”

The street is filled with a thick mat of giant fungus, trapping the party. They confer telepathically.
Flynn, “Fungus ain’t fun for us!”
Todd, “No way through it all!”
Alison, “I have just the spell to shrivel up these shrooms!”

Alison casts Blight, but is counterspelled by Alton! “No, my last spell!” Alton is thrilled with his success, aided by Kolya’s Bardic Inspiration from before.

Ryybyn’s face falls in horror as they hear Lutz call out telepathically, “Everyone, please stand down.”


It’s cool seeing real D&D spells in a comic! Do you have the character sheets for the main cast uploaded anywhere? That would be really cool to see!

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