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Break It 32

Webcomic CollectionsAbsolvedWebcomic StorylinesSaga 9: Crawl BackWebcomic CollectionsLiutbald "Lutz" Liebkind, The Gunslinger, Kolya Kotnyr, Shaimaa, Alton GaltrowBreak It 32 published on

Oh no! The baddies have the power of bardic inspiration! And a creepy magic sword. But do they have FRIENDSHIP!? Stay tuned!

Lutz’s mind is just really working against him, like mega congnitive dissonance between the part that’s like “this is the wanted criminal who ruined my theyfriend’s life” and the enchantment being all “he’s a cool guy actually total bro best of buddies!”


Kolya, “Afraid of the butterball? Man up, you can take her!”

Alton, “This is Alison Crowe! Any mage would be hard pressed to stop her one on one!”

Kolya squats down to reassure Alton with some Bardic Inspiration, “Al, I thought you were a gambling man, bro! She’s spent from those spellguns the odds are in your favour!”
Alton’s eyes light up, “To counterspell an archmage abjurer…!”

Kolya speaks to the group. “Alright! Big guy, you’re with me. Shay, Al, keep the party going. I want to chat with my new buddy Lutz! Robyn doesn’t want to talk but you and I, we’ll catch up!”

Lutz, “Sure. Ryybyn has told me about you already.”

Kolya, “Cool, ’cause I want to hear about all you. But tell me…”

Kolya draws his sabre from its sheath, revealing a black blade split down the length. It glows ominously. “How much she say about this?”

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