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Kolya circles around behind Lutz. “So you’re Robyn’s latest boy toy! First the cartel lieutenant and now a hot-shot high inquisitor, she’s got powerful tastes now.”
Lutz is slightly out of it due to the enchantment but still corrects Kolya on Ryybyn’s pronouns, “They.”
Kolya, “They? There’s more?!”

Shaimaa, Alton, and the gunslinger arrive on scene.
Shaimaa, “Kolya! I can’t believe you made me FREEZE for so long!”
Alton, “You waited indoors!”
Shaimaa, “Shut up!”

Alton looks at Lutz with suspicion, wand raised. “Is he…?”

Kolya pats Lutz’s shoulder. “Yeah, Soldier Boy’s cool – we’re all cool, stuff the stick.” Lutz dismisses his stave into black smoke.

Shaimaa, “Puppy and kitty are out but Robyn and Blondie are wrapping up the party.”
Alton, “You need to finish with the inquisitor before Crowe arrives.”

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