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Kolya doubles over, winded, and speaks telepathically. “oy PHEW, damn you’re persistent! You know how hard it is running around with this constricting thing?!” Lutz is frozen in place, compelled by enchantment.

Kolya removes his mask and approaches Lutz in a friendly manner. “At ease soldier boy! We’re all friends here!” Lutz stands with his stave at his side. His expression is a strained smile.

Kolya points to a delicate Headband of Telepathy around his temples. “Telepathy, neat trick huh? It gives me such a damn headache – so why don’t you take those things out of your ears and end this spell on me while you’re at it!”

Kolya’s speech changes from telepathy to spoken as Lutz removes the noise isolators from his hears. Lutz replies, “of course.”

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