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Session 67 – Breakout 15

Webcomic CollectionsAbsolvedWebcomic StorylinesSaga 8: SunfallWebcomic CollectionsRyybyn, Gwen Galewing, Flynn Fairbanks, Liutbald "Lutz" Liebkind, JasperSession 67 – Breakout 15 published on

Ryybyn’s lucky Lutz thinks they’re cute.

So fun fact, this scene is a mashup of about 4 different scenes, which is prolly evident in how the first ~4 pages get wild. The different parts are:

  • Ryybyn interrogated Jasper over the course of three days.
  • Ryybyn had a dream about the Abyss while in the brig on the Imperial ship on the way to recruit Lutz.
  • Kahanna broke out the prisoners, Ryybyn and the others let her leave
  • Kahnna later met with the party outside the base. Ryybyn tried to convince her to leave the cartel, and she refused.

But for the sake of narrative I strung it together like this. One thing that never came up in session though, was Lutz questioning why Ryybyn just let the enemy go lol.