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In the wild, Gwen is an unstoppable hunter and survivalist, calm and collected in tracking her targets – the complete opposite from her awkward demeanor in social situations. So much so, Gwen fled her homeland instead of facing that her childhood crush was moving on. Her time away has given her an attunement to the Primordial Weave that’s unmatched by all but the most ancient creatures, but the threat of danger brought her back home and to step up as a leader.

Gwen fights from up high using bow & arrow and the True Wings she can activate with the gift of the ornivians’ Beast Shift. She is, of course, as versatile as a hunter needs to be and can dive down to meet opponents in melee thanks to her magical bow that splits into a pair of short swords. Gwen has some knowledge of herbology and alchemy that she uses to create elemental arrows.

Recent Appearances