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Session 58 – Grandmother’s House 1

Webcomic CollectionsAbsolvedWebcomic StorylinesSaga 7: Gold Dragon TourWebcomic CollectionsRyybyn, Alison Crowe, Gwen Galewing, Flynn Fairbanks, Enid FeistSession 58 – Grandmother’s House 1 published on

Night befell the orphanage and the party began their escape attempt, following a series of fables to kind keys to the attic. But the ruckus alerted Enid, who had been sleeping.

Each child in the orphanage had a stuffed animal they slept with, and these animals were said to guard them at night. If one of the animals died, like Hurzle or Enid’s cat Clarisse, the child would not be seen again the next day.

Everything we could do to inspect the stuffed animals should that they were just that, not even magical, but one of them was a murderer and then there was Clarisse’s… bloody death.