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Flynn narrates over a celestial alchemical diagram, “the voice of an angel, vast know-how of BattleAxe lore, and the body of pre-transition Ryybyn… there’s only one thing Kolya could be concocting: a one to one real life sister of the battle choir to rid this filthy world of blasphemy!”

Alison interrupt’s Flynn’s fantasy, “Ryybyn’s twin already has a voice like hers.” She is looking up from a massive stack of books.

Lutz doesn’t even look up from the book he’s speed reading. “And I’ve retained my knowledge of the lore, rather it seems a waste.”

Flynn shrugs and sighs. “Well then I’m plum out of ideas. Seems this fella is causing grief for the sake of it.”

Flynn leans over Alison. “Ya’ll find the needle in the haystack?”

Alison answers, “No, of all magic weapons, swords are the most common.”

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