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Session 67 – Breakout 1

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The party captured a handful of Bloodsand Cartel prisoners in hopes of extracting information from them. Ryybyn handled the questioning so none of the prisoners would have to face the Free States’ enchanter and because they have an absurd Persuasion bonus… being able to see into peoples’ memories helps, too.

The Bloodsand Cartel are, for better or for worse, the only organisation that helps the daeva – religious exiles – in An’Shyvaan. Life for daeva is harsh and many are branded simply for being born to daeva parents. The cartel will cover the sun-scorching brands and bring daeva to the Free States for a new life, and of course many stick with it, out of free will or manipulation. The party saw some of this back in Saga 3 and so are sympathetic to the cartel grunts… just not the homicidal leaders.