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Feelings from Feelings 6

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Remember all the stuff that happened in campaign but never made it to comic? Here’s your tl;dr reminder. We have seen the black eyes on another hagspawn before, it’s always a sign of some not fun emotions but usually goes away with the feelings. Lutz just had an episode so intense that it like, broke a duct, so his eye will blacken at the slightest bit of self-doubt… which is gonna be all the time unless you have zero capacity to feel anything at all. It also ruined most of his vision in that eye.


“The bile what now?” Flynn asks, sliding yet another coffee mug towards Lutz.

Alison furiously flips through a scrapbook. “A condition borne of self-loathing. I knew hagspawn are prone to it but I had no idea Liutbald had it – let alone a permanent case?”

Lutz takes the latest coffee mug and elaborates, “The onset was during the first joint operation against the Firebirds. My hasty actions cost me my arm and nearly my career.”

Ryybyn recalls Lutz opening up to them about this in the past, “You felt so pained in that moment, something burst. And that bileburn itself was proof a hagspawn didn’t belong in the Inquisition.”

Lutz continues with indifference, “I don’t see any reasn now why I should have felt ashamed enough to cover it, though I suppose the black sclera would have invited more discrimination.”

Ryybyn starts to break down crying and their voice shakes, “there’s really nothing left… your whole heart, ripped out.”

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