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Alison buries her nose in a binder titled, “short stories, sad, volume 2,” and ponders, “I thought that was sure to provoke a reaction, what could be more unjust?”

Todd steps forward with one of Lutz’s prized BattleAxe miniatures in hand. “If you’re looking to rile him up you got to make it personal, like this.”

Todd holds the miniature to Lutz’s face and crushes it in his fist. Lutz drinks another mug of coffee and shrugs, expression blank.

Todd sheepishly turns aside to Ryybyn and asks, “You’ll fix that before fixing him?”

Ryybyn hastily takes the broken mini, “on it!”

Alison turns to Flynn, who is supplying Lutz with a third mug of coffee. “Flynn, why all the coffee? You should be kind and offer to everyone, not just Liutbald.”

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