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Ryybyn removes their choker to reveal a thin white scar across their throat.

Alison speaks to everyone who is sitting or standing around the kitchen bar, Lutz seated opposite herself and Ryybyn. “As I thought, his scar is similar to yours. It stands to reason your scar is from when the sword took your voice. But we should determine exactly what Kolya took from Liutbald–”

“And what better way than with flashcards!” Alison presents a hand of cards with Rorschach style inkblots.

Alison presents the cards rapid fire to Lutz. “Does this remind you of anything? Evoke any feelings?”
Lutz responds, “no.”
“What about this?”

Ryybyn stops the farce. “Blocks aren’t going to help. There has to be something to connect with. Like a story.”

Alison is not deterred and pops open a binder. “You’re absolutely right! Feelings from feelings!”

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