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Flynn breaks free of the fungal field, “Horseapples! That slimey snake slipped away!”

Ryybyn kneels beside Lutz and rolls him onto his back. “Oh, Avizandyr, please, please Lutz–”
Lutz speaks up, his face blank, “The mission failed, then.”

Ryybyn embraces Lutz tightly, “Lutz! Thank Avizandyr – I don’t care, I just need you okay.”
Lutz simply lets his face be smooshed against Ryybyn, “I believe I am uninjured but will need a check up with your expertise.”

Ryybyn parts from Lutz who starts to remove his scarf.
Flynn looks down at the two of them and says, “I ain’t no healer but what we saw was a through and through – so where is the gushing guyser of blood?”

Ryybyn looks at Lutz with concern, “Lutz… how do you feel?”

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