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In silence, Shaimaa leans out the window and taunts Todd while he slowly, deliberately reaches into his motorcycle’s sidecar, withdraws a shotgun, and lights a cigarette. Shaimaa gets annoyed and tries to wave for his attention, only to receive buckshot when Todd shoots.

Flynn and the gunslinger continue their scuffle. Flynn deftly dodges the Gunslinger’s shots and lands a Flurry of Blows, but his hits don’t seem to affect the Gunslinger in any meaningful way. All the while, Flynn banters, “Well howdy howdy howdy! Be nice to chat a while but I got a prior engagement. Ain’t no howdy back? No parting quip? Fancy yourself the big silent type? Well a little banter never huuuu—”

The Gunslinger lands a roundhouse kick square on Fynn’s face, sending him flying in Todd’s direction!

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