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Battleaxe 401k 3

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Lutz thoughtfully picks out a lore-appropriate faction for Ryybyn and what do they do, go for the joke guys with abs. How dare. Lutz still loves them, though.

Admittedly my choice for the Not!Mechanicus for Ryybyn was because I had mostly seen memes of them just being all “who needs gender” and I was not aware of Slaanesh lmao. Nothing more Ryybyn than that. Still, having Ryybyn choose the green menance works just for the FuckBoyz joke.


OH GOD the retracting nose xD
Never played 40(1)k, but the Fuckboiz faction sounds *hilariously* fun.

Lutz’s nose gains a crinkle for each level of disdain xD He lacks true appreciation for Ryybyn’s new himbo faction – just striding into battle, blinding the enemy with the light bouncing off their shining pecs, and demolishing everyone for DA HOTNESS can’t be stopped!

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