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Barroom Blitz 1

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Every good investigation begins at a seedy bar… ooor a nightclub that’s been trashed a little. If you don’t remember Todd from the Heartbreaker Tournament, give it a little reread!

This arc marks the beginning of out-of-campaign scenes. I left due to failing faith in the campaign and mistreatment. The Zaeon arc had been incredibly frustrating because a lot of things I had worked towards in campaign suddenly amounted to nothing or the payoff was given to other characters. I really did not believe that Ryybyn’s arc would be given a satisfactory conclusion. After nearly a year without making any comics I realised I don’t need to be in the campaign to give Ryybyn the conclusion they deserve.

Todd was also done dirty back in the Heartbreaker arc, but I wanted to give him a conclusion too, even if it’s not going to be the one I originally intended.

As of this page, Unboundcomic no longer takes place in the previous unboundiverse but a new parallel universe in which Ryybyn’s problems have inexplicably followed them. The comics are no longer affiliated with the DM.