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Stickers & Sunshine 10

Webcomic CollectionsAbsolvedWebcomic StorylinesSaga 9: Crawl BackWebcomic CollectionsAlison Crowe, Flynn Fairbanks, Liutbald "Lutz" Liebkind, Todd CoalfurStickers & Sunshine 10 published on

Todd is an angry doggo… in a silly bubble helmet.

I wanted to keep Todd’s smoking habit but Ryybyn doesn’t wanna be around smoke and frankly smoke STINKS so I doubt anyone would. Initially I thought the garage could be a smoking zone with magical barriers around it but it would still stick to anything left in the room… and then I was like… what about a silly collar. An Alison original. Contains the smoke and cleans it away so nothing gets stinky except Todd’s face lmao.

Lutz has dearly missed his mentor, Elfriede, since her death. I figure Alison’s approval hits a similar spot for him even though Elfriede was a lot more tough love.