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I Scry 4

Webcomic CollectionsAbsolvedWebcomic StorylinesSaga 9: Crawl BackWebcomic CollectionsRyybyn, Alison Crowe, Flynn Fairbanks, Liutbald "Lutz" Liebkind, Todd CoalfurI Scry 4 published on

100% this scene was just because I thought it would be funny if Alison scried on Ryybyn while attempting to scry for twinbyn hehe. But I had been wanting a scene between Ryybyn and Todd for a while too. Now… let’s see if things can move forward.

Absolved will be taking a bit of a break! I’ll be at Hal-con the coming days and I need to expunge some worms from my brain. Expect the next scene to start mid-late November!