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Leader of the Eclypse gang, former Blooddune Cartel lieutenant, and victim of the Hierophant’s machinations. Shy’ako was branded a daeva and exiled early in life and has always been dedicated to improving the lives of daeva.

The Hierophant’s experiments turned a half-dead Shy’kako into something resembling the Ekimmu, the vampiric original daeva of shyvan legend. A Shard of Ragnaxxa was implanted into his arm to boost his power and overcome the weakness to sunlight. In return, Shy’kako and the Eclypse gang were tasked with destroying the Gates of Hell, a boundary that keeps ruthless Dreadland monstrosities into An’Shyvaan.

Shy’kako perished after the Shard of Ragnaxxa was removed from his body, but the corruption on his soul remained.

Recent Appearances